Blue of Winter (2022)


Story of High School friends, Ji Seok, Do Jin and Hyeon Woo.

The story takes place in Seoul – Hyeon being cut-throat and over ambitious judo fighter, would take any approach to win against the opponent.

This gets Ji Soek and Do Jin interested in Hyeon. So they both decide to join the same school as Hyeon.

Do Jin comes from a family of Judo Champions but is the envy of everyone else. One day Hyeon saves Do Jin from a bad event and the two become friends.

Ji Seok wanted to be Do Jin’s friend, however ends up falling in love.

A love triangle ensues between the three and time passes – find 0ut what happens.

Original Network: Viki;

Other name: 유도 소년 Udo Sonyeon Judo Boys


Status: Ongoing

Released date:

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Starring: , , ,

Blue of Winter (2022)Trailer

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