Dr. Park’s Clinic (2022)


An aspiring Doctor, Park Won Jang dreamt of opening a medical clinic hoping to be super successfully career wise and financially. Open he did, the clinic but reality was completely different altogether. He received lesser number of patients than what he anticipated and this lead him to verge of bankruptcy. This contributes to a lot of stress and pain in his life. He is married to Sa Mo Rim – who does not take his medical advice as serious than the ones mentioned in the TV channel medical programs.

Director: Seo Joon Beom [서준범]

Other name: 내과 박원장 Naegwa Park Won Jang Naegwa Bagwonjang Internist Park Won Jang Park Won Jang of Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Director Park


Status: Completed

Released date:

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Dr. Park’s Clinic (2022)Trailer

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